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Three Tooth Restorations that Can Give You the Smile You Want

Only a few people are born with great smiles; fortunately, there are several dental restoration procedures designed to correct common smile flaws and give patients new confidence in the appearance of their teeth. Dental restorations are highly beneficial for improving the aesthetics of smiles, but they also work to make the teeth and gums healthier. Below is a look at some of the procedures you might consider using to enhance the health and beauty of your teeth.

  1. Crowns: A dental crown is a thin, tooth-shaped cap that is placed over a tooth that has been cracked, chipped, or treated through a root canal. Crowns are custom-formed to individual teeth, so they function harmoniously with the natural structures of any smile. They are also color-matched to the natural teeth so that no one can tell that restoration is present. Patients who need crowns will require two office visits for the procedure. The first visit will include the application of a temporary crown, which will be worn until the custom permanent crown is made.


  1. Veneers: There are many uses for veneers, which are made from durable, stain-proof porcelain to provide beautiful aesthetic appeal. Veneers may be applied to teeth to correct poor spacing, crowding, yellowing, or cracks that disrupt the smile. Single surfaces can be used when only one tooth is damaged, or they can be applied over larger areas of the mouth for a complete smile transformation.


  1. Implants: When a tooth is damaged to a severe degree, it may need to be extracted and replaced with a whole-tooth restoration. Dental implants offer an ideal restoration option for teeth that have been lost or extracted because they feature implanted roots that attach to the jaw bone. This preserves bone in the jaw and helps maintain healthy gum tissue surrounding the area of the lost tooth.

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