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Gold Teeth – The Ultimate Accessory

You’ve seen the gold teeth sparkling when a rapper or hip hop artist flashes a smile for the camera. Just a little hint of gold, or maybe gold and diamonds glittering in the light. But, I’ll bet you didn’t know how easy it is to get your custom made gold teeth. It’s really easy, and the options out there will surprise and astound you!

First, gold teeth do not come in one size fits all options. They must be custom made to fit your mouth. So, the very first step is to acquire a do-it-yourself mouth mold kit. With this kit, you make a mold – or impression – of your mouth. That impression is used to create a three-dimensional cast of your teeth.

Gold teeth must fit perfectly to be a comfortable accessory that you can wear for long periods. So, from the three-dimensional cast of your natural teeth, the gold teeth are molded and shaped to create a perfect fit. Your gold teeth can outline the shape of your teeth.

They can have texture or be smooth, shiny gold. They can even have diamonds or other gems set in. Want your name in gold and diamonds? No problem! Are you interested in putting a special message in your mouth? Your gold teeth can be made in almost any design you choose.

Don’t keep gold teeth in your mouth twenty-four hours a day. Your mouth needs a break! Without time off, you are creating an environment for bacteria to grow.


Do treat your gold teeth link any other fine jewelry. Keep them clean.

Avoid eating while wearing your gold teeth. They aren’t made for that kind of wear and tear. Enjoy them for a night out clubbing, but not during dinner.

Be careful with your dental hygiene if you choose to wear gold teeth. The teeth themselves are perfectly safe; don’t forget to keep a routine of brushing and flossing.

Gold teeth are a fun new trend in jewelry. They provide a terrific flash of gold and sparkle in a surprising place. What a great way to add a little bling to your life!

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