Dr. Kapoor Bhadiya
Hello, I am Dr. Kapoor, we have started this blog because we want to aware people about the common mistakes they committed and then survive with the teeth pain. My team will post more content in this blog and tell how to do simple care about your teeth and keep yourself healthy. Cheers

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Tips For Caring for Your False Teeth

Caring for your False teeth is just as important as caring for your natural teeth. Unfortunately cleaning false teeth isn’t as easy as natural teeth. There are several steps to take when taking care of false teeth. After taking out your false teeth, the first...


Gold Teeth – The Ultimate Accessory

You’ve seen the gold teeth sparkling when a rapper or hip hop artist flashes a smile for the camera. Just a little hint of gold, or maybe gold and diamonds glittering in the light. But, I’ll bet you didn’t know how easy it is to...